Work Package 6

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Project management

WP 6 is carried out by the GEOMAR coordination team of the secretariat “Laptev Sea System” and the AARI coordination team. Its tasks comprise the scientific coordination of the project and the organization of the research

The project management team prepares and carries out the TRANSDRIFT expeditions and assumes leadership of the expeditions, providing both the Russian and the German expedition leaders. The team logistically supports the field measurements at Cape Baranov, carried out by WP 2. For the organization of the expeditions, the team works in close cooperation with the Department for Arctic Expeditions at the AARI and the GEOMAR Technology and Logistics Centre. When it comes to the preparation and post-processing of the expeditions, standard laboratory analyses of sample material, and the education of young scientists, the coordination team is supported by the Otto Schmidt Laboratory for Polar and Marine Research.

Together with GEOMAR’s central data management team, WP 6 develops and implements a data management plan for the project. The team organizes the annual CATS workshops, coordinates and supervises the grants of the OSL Fellowship Program CATS and organizes the involvement of the students of the POMOR Master Program for Polar and Marine Science in the research through their field practice and master theses. Further tasks comprise the translation of scientific manuscripts, preparation and translation of official documents, public relations, organization of research stays at the German partner institutions, maintenance of the CATS website and reporting.