Work Packages and Tasks

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Work package Title and scientists in charge Tasks (task coordinator)
Work package 1

Dynamics of physical processes in Siberian shelf seas and their impact on the transpolar system

Dr. Jens Hoelemann / Dr. Vladimir Ivanov

Task A: Hydrography and watermass formation in the Laptev Sea (TRANSDRIFT XXIV, XXV) (Mikhail Makhotin)

Task B: The shelf-edge system: influence of shelf processes on the Arctic Boundary Current (TRANSDRIFT XXIV, XXV) (Dr. Markus Janout)

Task C: Hydrodynamic modeling of changes in sea ice and their impact on ocean dynamics (Dr. Vladimir Ivanov)

Work package 2

Changes of atmosphere/sea-ice/ocean interactions and their impact on the transpolar system

Dr. Aleksandr Makshtas / Univ.-Prof. Dr. Guenther Heinemann

Task A: Processes in the atmospheric boundary layer of the high Arctic (Cape Barano & historical data) (Dr. Aleksandr Makshtas

Task B: Monitoring of sea-ice properties and production (multi-sensor satellite remote sensing) (Dr. Sascha Willmes)

Task C: Modeling of atmosphere/sea-ice/ocean interaction (Univ.-Prof. Dr. Guenther Heinemann)

Work package 3

Biogeochemical cycles in the Laptev Sea

Prof. Dr. Martin Frank / Andrey Novikhin

Task A: Mechanisms controlling the distribution of nutrients in the Laptev Sea (TRANSDRIFT XXIV, XXV) (Dr. Georgi Laukert)

Task B: Changes of the hydrochemical structure of the Laptev Sea (TRANSDRIFT XXIV, XXV) (Andrey Novikhin)

Work package 4

Ecological consequences of climate change in the Siberian shelf seas

Prof. Dr. Dieter Piepenburg / Dr. Vasiliy Povazhnyy

Task A: Dynamics of pelagic particle processes and benthic functional diversity patterns (TRANSDRIFT XXIV, XXV) (Prof. Dr. Dieter Piepenburg)

Task B: Biological community changes in the Laptev Sea (historical data, TRANSDRIFT XXIV, XXV) (Dr. Vasiliy Povazhnyy)

Work package 5

Long-term and paleoceanographic changes of the Arctic climate system

Dr. Robert Spielhagen / Prof. Dr. Leonid Timokhov

Task A: Long-term variability of the thermohaline state of the Arctic transpolar system (historical data) (Prof. Dr. Leonid Timokhov)

Task B: Holocene sea-ice variability, water mass distribution and sea-level history in the western Laptev Sea (TRANSDRIFT XXV) (Dr. Ekaterina Taldenkova)

Work package 6

Project management

Dr. Heidemarie Kassens / Dr. Vladimir Ivanov