Task 2A

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Processes in the atmospheric boundary layer of the high Arctic (Cape Baranov & historical data)

The goal of Task A is the generation of a new dataset of in-situ observations of meteorolo-gical, ice and soil conditions in the high Arctic for the validation of regional climate models and process studies. We plan measurements of the atmospheric-boundary-layer structure for one year at the Russian Ice Base Cape Baranov by using a SODAR/RASS (Sound Detection and Ranging/Radio Acoustic Sounding) system for obtaining wind and temperature profiles and a scintillometer for quantifying sensible heat fluxes, which were already in use at the Tiksi observatory from 2014 to 2015. These measurements will be complemented with operational observations at the Ice Base Cape Baranov in 2017-2019. Historical data of radiosoundings as well as meteorological, heat-balance, and sea-ice observations from the Russian drift stations “North Pole” will be used to put the measurements into a clima¬tological context as well as for model validation.

AARI will perform operational observations at Cape Baranov, including atmospheric, sea-ice and soil properties. Trier University will provide instruments, practical guidance and support for a joint analysis of the SODAR/RASS system (see below for a detailed description of the research in Task 2A for which the CATS scientists apply for funding on the German side).


Task coordinator

Alexandr Makshtas Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute


Key collaborators

Guenther Heinemann Trier University
Vasily Kustov Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute
Irina Makhotina Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute