The Transpolar System of the Arctic Ocean (Transdrift)

The joint Russian-German research project „Laptev Sea System" aims to assess how climate change will affect the highly sensitive Arctic environment and in how far the changes will be of consequence for Europe. The main objectives are to investigate:

  • the changes in oceanic transfer of energy, matter and momentum in the Transpolar Drift system as a result of climate change;
  • the ecological consequences of climate change in the region of the Transpolar Drift Stream;
  • regional changes of the atmosphere/sea ice/ocean system in the Arctic.

Research areas are the Laptev Sea as the most important area of sea-ice production and the Fram Strait as the only deepwater and intermediate water connection between the Arctic Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean (and, therefore, the World Ocean). The Transpolar Drift Stream connects both regions. At the same time, the Russian partner institution, the State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, St. Petersburg, implements multidisciplinary investigations in the Central Arctic Ocean as the key research topic of their research program „Arctic Basin Cluster".